Last night was the annual Bishop Cup boys hockey game in Cornwall! This game is played between the two rival high schools, the Holy Trinity falcons and the St.Joe’s panthers. The victory has been going back and forth for years but last night it was clear whos the best. St.Joe’s (my school) punded the Holy Trinity falcons 6-1! It was an incredible game and everyone had lots of fun. Me being on the girls hockey team, got to help cook breakfast for our boys that morning, to help them get ready for the big game. The spirit was alive and raving in the school all day, with a pep rally last period to pump up the school even more and show our boys some support. This game represents traditions, good-times and friendship. Every year the outfits and the spirit get more and more wild! It’s the perfect amount of rival to get everyone to forget about cliques and popularity and let everyone have a good time filled with lots of joy and spirit!

Written by: Kelly Ouderkirk
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