L-R, MP Guy Lauzon, Myself, MPP Jim MacDonell

This past Canada Day was very important in my¬†hometown of Cornwall, Ontario, not because Canada celebrated it’s 145 birthday, but because Cornwall was celebrating our 50th Canada Day Celebration. A man named Norm Lalonde started the celebrations 50 years ago by raising money himself and organizing a small celebration that included some music and a few firecrackers. It amazes me that even after he past away earlier in the year, we are still able to carry on his traditions.

Some of the creative costumes seen at the park!

I am honoured that I was able to be a part of such an amazing accomplishment for Cornwall. All in all, it was a great day! At the bandshell and park, there were local bands and dancers performing, magic acts, a petting zoo, face paint and blow up rides for everybody to enjoy. As seen in the picture, some people got very dressed up! My favourite part though was at 10 o’clock when they lit off the fireworks! After such an amazing day at the park, all I could think of was how great Canada is. Canada provides a comfortable standard of living, good health care, social security, public education, low crime rates, a stable and growing economy, and a clean environment. But the best part is that Canada represents freedom! I had a wonderful Canada day, and I am a proud Canadian! eh!

Lots of love,
Kelly Ouderkirk, Miss Teen SD&G County World 2012


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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Terrific piece. Sorry I missed it until now as I would have put a stop to your bad habit of xoxo sign offs. These are not letters but rather magazine articles.> all the same I’ll give you points for this cause its great. Good tone of voice and great original pis. .

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