This past week I hosted two very succcesful fundraisers for Free the Children. The first one took place on Thursday, June 7th, at my high school. When everyone was outside for Survivor Day (a day filled with water balloons, tug-a-war, and obstacle coarses) my mother, a few of my friends, and myself, hosted a BBQ. We sold hot dogs, chips, chocolat bars and drinks! My fellow peers were very supportive and loved helping out for such a great cause! We had a very succesful day and it was a lot of fun being outside in the sun!

The second event I hosted was a car wash and BBQ at The Brick! I would like to take this time to thank them for their generosity in letting us use their parkinglot. We had a great day washing cars and hanging out in the sun! All of my friends were very supportive and gave up their saturday to help me out. We worked very hard and raised lots of money. It was 5$ per wash, however, lots of people gave very generous donations!

In total, with the BBQ at my school, and the Car Wash and BBQ at The Brick, we raised a total of 600$ for Free the Children! I am hoping to do another fundraiser or two before the pageant, as all the money is going to such a great cause. I encourage people to do more volenteering, because in these past few months being Miss Teen SD&G County, I have learned so much about the communtity and learned that it gives you so much more in return then you would think. Volenteering is the highest form of love, “agape” as the Greeks call it; charity-love.

Thanks for all the support everybody! Love Miss Teen SD&G County World 2012! xoxo

Written by: Kelly Ouderkirk
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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Hey Kelly. Thanks for this update. The post needs category information and keyword tags to help people find it in search engines. You could link to Free the Children website in here, and to Miss Teen Canada World main website too. Also declare war on all that wasted space at the end of the post.

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