One of my main appearances during my reign as Miss Teen SD&G County World 2012 was attending the I Am Woman Conference held at The Civic Complex in Cornwall, Ontario. This conference was so important because it empowered women in many different aspects. It was a day filled with many speakers, life-coaches, health and fitness instructors and a lot of great shopping! With the help of the different guests throughout the day, the conference taught the women about respecting their bodies and being happy with the life they have been given. It was my privilege to help the different vendors and speakers with their presentations. My sister and I attended the conference together, along with many other mothers, daughters and sisters. The main message the conference portrayed was the strength and power women have, and how important they are in today’s society. I believe this conference was very benificial to the women who attended because I believe a lot of women are insecure with themselves and the conference was a great way to teach natural beauty, confidence and self-respect. I had a great time, and will definately be attending next year and encouraging other women to tag along with me!

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Kelly Ouderkirk- Miss Teen SD&G County World 2012

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  1. Sounds like a very empowering conference! Looking forward to learning more about it! See you soon!

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