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Miss Teen Canada-World: Local contestant advances to national final



CORNWALL – It has always been a dream of Kelly Ouderkirk to be on front and centre stage and now that dream is coming true as she prepares for the Miss Teen Canada- World pageant.

There were 42 young ladies from ages 13 to 19 competing for the title of Miss Teen Ontario-World and a spot as a finalist for the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant in late January in Toronto.

Among the girls was 15-year-old Ouderkirk who did not claim the Ontario title but did snatch up one of the 17 Ontario positions available to compete for the Canada title.

“It’s very exciting and it’s a dream come true,” Ouderkirk said.

On July 17, she will be competing with over 70 finalists from across Canada for the Miss Teen Canada-World title but there is a lot of work to be done before that happens.

Ouderkirk has to raise a minimum of $400 for the competition but she’s hoping for some help from the community as her goal is to raise over $10,000 which will benefit the Free the Children organization.

The contestant who raises the most money will win a trip to Africa to help with one of the missions of building schools and homes for the African community.

“I think (the trip) would be a life changer,” Ouderkirk said.

Another aspect of the pageant is to self-promote and market herself within the community, which she hopes can happen with even more help from the community including schools, businesses and area residents who may be hosting events and are looking for a guest speaker.

“The pageant was a little surprising in the fact that they were really promoting volunteerism and getting out into the community,” said Ouderkirk’s mother, Leslie.

“It wasn’t all about walking on stage and walking in a dress it’s a lot about getting out speaking and stuff like that.”

Outgoing Ouderkirk has no problem being in the public eye as a lifetime dream of hers is to be an actress.

“I think it’s good (to be out in the community) because you get to experience a lot of different people and find out about the town and what the problems and the good things are and have fun with a bunch of different people you wouldn’t normally talk to.”

To set up interviews, special events or to donate, contact Leslie Ouderkirk at 613-938-6457 or by e-mail at kelly_typhoongirl_22@hotmail.com.



Written by: Kelly Ouderkirk
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