Day 2-Sunday

The second day was another great one! After getting a knock on the door from Christi, we all headed down stairs for a delicious breakfast, then were off to hair and makeup! After a long process of straight irons, curlers, mascara and more, and were all ready in our cocktail dresses, we headed up the elevator to our photo shoot and video shoot! They had the cameras rolling, wind blowing and music blasting; it was exhilarating! When finished, we went down stairs changed into a more conservative outfit, then waited our turn to be interviewed. The three judges were all very welcoming and friendly. Finally, we had a quick supper, and raced upstairs to the ball room for mentor night! Basically, we had four women come in, with very inspirational stories, and motivate us to pursue our dreams. I very much enjoyed the night and I hope to speak to those fantastic women again sometime soon! You can read more about mentor night on my blog in a separate post. I had a great day, and very much enjoyed every single second!

Day 3-Monday 

Thankfully we got to sleep in a little bit in the morning, then ate breakfast and headed for the bus! We were going to the Extreme fitness to work out with instructors Stephanie and Joanne! She taught us a great workout that was more intense than expected and push us to our limits. The she gave us a healthy eating 101:

  • DIET is a four letter word!
  • KISS-keep it simple stupid-simplify your eating
  • plan your meals like you plan your wardrobe
    i.e. Fuel Foods/colour, freshness, variety
  • the truth about carbs
  • late night snacking
  • hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • don’t let yourself get too hungry
  • what the heck is omega-3?
  • it’s OK to cheat- in moderation
  • take you vitamins!..but not the flinstones..

I had a great time at the gym and burned off more than a few calories! After finishing the workout we were served a very delicious and nutritious meal from Fuel Foods! They served us a fresh salad, and delicious, roasted chicken. I highly recommend their food! It was incredible! We finished the day by going back to the hotel and rehearsing for the final show with choreographer Sean Cuffie all afternoon, then were served supper and went to bed. I love my sleep!

Day 4-Tuesday

Talk about bright and early! Tuesday we woke up at 4 am, got all ready and wore a fancy dress because we were going to be on Breakfast Television! We all had a blast on the show, and within 10 minutes, the host remembered all 62 of our names! Talk about talented! Later we went to High Park and had a scrumptious breakfast; bacon, eggs, toast, and home fries. Yum! After that went down to a harbor and boarded the Violent Island; a boat cruise that took us through some of the Toronto islands. While on the boat we enjoyed drinks, pictures and dancing! It was a blast! We toured a few of the islands and saw the beautiful city of Toronto from it’s finest point; Lake Ontario! Next, we unloaded the boat and went back to the hotel for some lunch and rehearsals! After hours of dancing and walking we headed to our rooms for the much needed sleep! All in all, this experience could not get any better and has already surpassed all of my hopes for this incredible adventure!

Day 5- Wednesday

By far was one of my favorite days so far! We woke up fairly early, ate breakfast then headed to the CN Tower! When we arrived I could already tell I was about to have so much fun. We stepped f the bus with our crowns and sashes, and a swarm of people came by and started taking pictures! I loved being in the spotlight! After going up the lightning fast elevator, we were at the top! The most beautiful view you could imagine, it went on for miles upon miles. Also, you look south and the water from the lake blended with the sky forming a wall of blues and pastel. It was stunning. After a few minutes looking around, all the delegates walked over to the glass floor. It was so scary! You look down and all you can think about is falling because all you can see is the ground. It is so mind-blowing!

The Distillery District is where we went next. Rob Cambell, the man in charge of these wonderful blogs, set up a scavenger hunt to win prizes at local stores! Unfortunately, the first bus got a head start and found all the prizes before we were able to start. However, everyone still had a great time shopping, and buying ice cream! Before we left, all the girls gathered around the center of the district and performed a flash mob to our opening number song and dance, Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez! The whole square watched our performance and applauded us when we were finished!

Next, we loaded the bus and headed to the Eaton Center to go shopping!! When we arrived, we entered the mall and walked, all 62 of us, in two rows. Hundreds of cameras and phones came out and were clicking away. I felt like a rock star! We quickly ate lunch, took a few promo pictures, then hit the stores. I ended up buying an adorable bikini form Victoria’s Secret, and because the Eaton Center gave every girl a 50$ gift card, it came out being very cheap.

Back on the bus we went, and this time, headed to Much Music’s New Music Live! After a little camera time, and meeting Jesse Giddings, we watched the premiere music video for Hedleys new song Kiss You Inside Out. Jacob Hoggard’s dedication in the making of this music video was so inspirational. He got injured while performing and managed to continue it out and still look amazing! There was so much energy from the fans at New Music Live, I hope I will be able to go again!

Later, we headed back to the hotel and met with Zack Warner! Former Canadian Idol judge, manager, lawyer, singer and more, this man could not be more involved with the music industry. He taught us about pursuing our dreams, but at the same time being realistic about them. If you want to be one in one million, that is a very small window, you better be fabulously unique. He says to leave your options open, but get good at what you want to do; don’t rely on natural talent, perfect your craft! He took some girls up on stage after he finished talking, let them sing, and gave them some critique. If only my voice sounded decent, I guess I’m just meant for slap shots!

Finally, to finish off this long day, we went to an adorable little Italian buffet! The food was incredible ad the atmosphere made you feel like you were really in Italy! It couldn’t have been a cuter restaurant. After stuffing my plate and stomach, we boarded the bus once again and went back to the hotel to get some sleep. Tomorrow would be preliminaries!

Lots of love,
Kelly Ouderkirk-Miss Teen SD&G County World 2012

Written by: Kelly Ouderkirk
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    Thanks for this post but I wish you would categorize your content.

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      I just catagorized it, everything else was catagorized, im sorry i only finished at 3 am last night :/

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