Character Sketch:

Kelly Ouderkirk- 16 years old, grade 11, blonde hair, brown eyes, determined, struggling to fit in, hard-worker, talented hockey player, model, and designs fashion

Jacob Peca- 17 years old, grade 12, brown hair, brown eyes, talented hockey player, genuine, friendly, down to earth.

Coach Berry- 70 year old man, fat, bald, traditional views on hockey, sexist, competitive, determined to win, undefeated in 5 years

Dylan Perry- 16 years old, grade 11, on the boys’ hockey team, dislikes Kelly, thinks she’s a princess and isn’t tough enough to play hockey

Ally Poirier- Kelly’s roommate, friendly, believes in Kelly’s hockey dream, ex-boyfriend is Jacob Peca

The Big Leagues

Kelly Ouderkirk, a 16 year old model and hockey legend in her hometown of Cornwall, Ontario, is forced to move to Toronto with her family, when her dad is offered a teaching position at Emily R. Jenkins Preparatory School. Part of the teaching deal is that Kelly will be able to attend the school for free, however, when she finds out the school does not support girls hockey, she is determined to make the boys team. Despite several complaints, a sexist coach and harassment from some of the boys about her being a princess and not being tough enough to play, one person stands by her. Jacob Peca, the teams’ leading scorer, is the only person who believes in Kelly. He supports her, befriends her, and teaches her some of his moves. Pretty soon she’s on the team, but the coach only gives her minimum ice time. Jacob helps her prove herself, make new friends and impress the coach. This is a story of fitting in, capturing your goals, and standing up for what you believe in. Kelly started off fourth liner, and by the end of the year was second top scorer, next to Jacob. She surprised the coach, earned the respect of all the boys, and captured some interest from a few scouts. Cornwall knows Kelly Ouderkirk, and now, so does Toronto. This year was full of challenges that Kelly had to overcome, what will she achieve next year?

Sponsorship: I believe The Toronto Academy of Acting and Me to We Style should sponsor ‘The Big Leagues’ because of several reasons. ‘The Big Leagues’ will be a Canadian series filmed in Toronto, and therefore, will promote The Toronto Academy of Acting by hiring some of their students and graduates and showing off their capabilities from which they received from attending The Toronto Academy of Acting. Me to We Style will also benefit from this amazing opportunity by show-casing their incredible lines of both men and women clothing. Due to the fact that this is a series about hockey, their comfy hoodies and tees will be a perfect match for the athletic atmosphere. I believe this is a great opportunity for both potential sponsors, as it show-cases their businesses and promotes a healthy active living.

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3 Responses to My Dream TV Show!

  1. Angie Mellen says:

    I like the idea! Very creative! I can’t wait to meet you!

  2. Rob Campbell says:

    Are you going to show Luke your TV show idea on Saturday July 21st? you should.

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