My younger brother Thomas plays for a competitve hockey team called the Rapids. As an end to a great season, the team is hosting a boys hockey team from Sweden for 5 days. The Sweden boys have been saving for this trip since they started playing at a young age and I’m sure it will be one they will never forget!

<– (The Sweden team getting off the bus as they arrive in Cornwall.)

Each of the players from Sweden stay with one of the players from our team. The boy we have staying at our house is named Martin. After we met and had a team meeting we took Martin out for supper at Kelsey’s. When we were done we hurried home because Martin was very tired after his 20 hour day.

<—(My brother Thomas on the left, and Martin on the right.)

The next night, all the boys and all the parents went to see Boston vs. Ottawa. The boys were all very excited as the thrill of the game rocked their spirits. For some of the Rapids and all of the Swedes, this was the first time they saw an NHL game. You could feel the excitement and joy through the cheer of the crowd. It was a night of bonding for the boys.

<—(Thomas and Martin at the game!)

The Swedes will be here until Easter Monday, when they will pack up and go to Toronto for another five days.The boys have had such an amazing two days already, and I’ve personally learned soo much from this adventure. No matter what nationality you are, what languages you speak, or what colour your skin tone is, people are people all over the world and if you get to know a person, anyone can be friends!   “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Written by: Kelly Ouderkirk
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